This is the Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent, it’s arguably the industry leader in the world of expedition-grade moto camping tents because it provides full shelter for not only the rider, but for the motorcycle and all the other related gear as well.

In the age of Covid-19 many of us have been dreaming of getting out on the open road and having some overdue adventures once the restrictions begin to lift. For motorcyclists it can be more challenging to find a suitable tent, as they need both space to shelter their gear and a small enough pack size to comfortably carry in with them on the bike.

The Atacama motorcycle tent features a three chamber design, one for your gear, one for your bike, and one for your own accomodation. For those who don’t want or need to park their motorcycle under shelter, the central chamber can be used as a seating area with a table and camp chairs, or as a mechanical garage to work on your bike.

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Although motorcyclists often favour buying the smallest hiking tents they can find the save weight, it does make things tight when you park to camp for the night, particularly if the weather isn’t on your side. When you remove your helmet, jacket, riding pants, boots, gloves, panniers, and other gear it can be difficult to fit it all into a single or twin tent and still have space to sleep.

The team at Redverz encountered this same issue, they developed the Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent to be as light as possible while still offering expansive interior room – impressively the tent tips the scales at just 6.3 kilograms (14 lbs).

The head room of the the central chamber is 6’4″ high allowing almost everyone to stand up inside – a rare treat for people over 6′. The accomodation chamber can sleep up to three adults, and the storage chamber has ample room for all your gear – keeping it clean and dry.

One of the key original design parameters of the tent is that it should be able to handle any conditions that may get thrown at it, so it’s made from a breathable 75D 190T/P material with a heavy duty ripstop polyester 68D 210T 4000mm rainfly, and a floor made from 70D 190T 10000mm polyester. The poles are made from a flexible 7001 T6 aluminium, and the whole tent packs down to a size of 10 inches x 21 inches making it easy to carry on your motorcycle.

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