The Nexx XG200 Flat 6 is a modern helmet – with retro styling cues that’ll look right at home on a vintage motocross bike, a scrambler, or well-worn R 80 GS. Nexx is a European company that still makes all of their helmets in the EU with a strong focus on high build quality and premium materials.

The Nexx XG200 Flat 6 Motorcycle Helmet

The XG200 Flat 6 helmet family all use the same X-matrix shell – a proprietary combination of fiberglass with organic fibers, aramid fibers, and carbon reinforcement. This allows a very high level of strength and resistance to object incursion, with a lighter weight relative to a traditional fiberglass shell.

Inside the shell you’ll find an impact-absorbing EPS foam liner, with a final layer of soft padding with breathable and anti-allergenic (removable and washable) fabric lining. The total weight of the helmet is 1200 grams, that’s approximately 42 ounces, and each one comes with a removable sun visor/peak that attaches courtesy of 3 snaps.

The face port has a wide, open aperture to allow excellent vision and airflow, both vital for those southern California desert races, and there are two shell sizes to ensure a less bulky fit for those with smaller heads.

The Nexx XG200 meets or exceeds the DOT (USA), ECE (Europe) and NBR (Brazil) helmet safety certification standards, making it one of the most highly-rated of the retro-modern helmet designs.

The Flat 6 series is made up of 3 unique colorways based on the XG200 family. Each feature a prominent “6” on the side, which can function as your racing number should you happen to find yourself taking part in vintage scrambles or enduro racing.

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The Nexx XG200 Flat 6 Motorcycle Helmet Front The Nexx XG200 Flat 6 Motorcycle Helmet Red Nexx XG200 Flat 6 Motorcycle Helmet Back

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