This is the Wrist Strap from the team over at Lucky Straps, a company founded and run by a photographer specifically to make camera straps that he wanted use each day himself at work.

Lucky Straps is based in Victoria, Australia and all of their gear is handmade in a local factory that used to exclusively produce leather products for the music industry.

The company was founded by professional photographer Justin Castles, after he realized he couldn’t find a camera strap that would allow him to carry a pro-sized camera body fitted with a 70-200mm F2.8 lens all day without needing a physiotherapist afterwards.

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Image DescriptionThe Lucky Wrist Strap is designed to be strong and simple, it allows both one and two-handed shooting and will save the camera (and the lens) if it should accidentally slip out of your hand.

He designed a series of straps that were a little wider for better weight distribution, and designed to be worn around the body instead of around the neck.

The first of the Lucky Straps was the Standard 53, it sold so well that Justin quickly realized there was global pent-up demand for it, and so he did his first production run.

The company now has a whole line of camera straps in various sizes, colors, and finishes.

One of their smaller offerings is the Lucky Wrist Strap, it’s about as minimalist as a camera strap can be, designed to loop securely around your wrist so you can shoot without the risk of dropping your camera.

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Image DescriptionWhen ordering you can choose which finish you want, which color stitching you’d prefer, whether you’d like standard or quick release ends, and whether you would like custom embossing done.

The strap retails for $61 USD with traditional attachment ends, or $71 USD with their Dyneema® quick release ends that make switching camera straps quick and easy. The quick release system also has a safety lock for secure travel, and the Dyneema® is highly cut-resistant – helping to potentially thwart thieves who can target cameras and photographic equipment.

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