This is the Brunton TruArc™ 15 Compass, each is made in Riverton, Wyoming and can be ordered with a unique Global Needle that works equally well north or south of the equator.

Brunton was originally founded in 1894 by D.W. Brunton, a Canadian mining engineer who was working in Aspen, Colorado at the time. His first and arguably most important invention was the pocket transit, a portable and compact version of the bulky surveying transits commonly used at the time.

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Image DescriptionThe Brunton TruArc™ 15 Compass has a folding lid to keep the inside protected when not in use. This lid folds up to provide a sighting mirror and sighting line which are critical for taking the most accurate bearings of distant objects.

A pocket transit, also known as a Brunton compass or a geologist’s compass, is a compact, precision instrument used for measuring angles in surveying, mapping, and geological fieldwork. It consists of a circular, liquid-filled compass with a sighting arm attached to the top of the compass housing.

Pocket transits were initially used by surveyors and engineers, but by the time World War 1 began in 1914 the military uses of the pocket transit became quickly apparent, and many were made for the United States Armed Forces.

Brunton soon began to manufacture a series of compasses for orienting and exploring, this line of compasses soon became renowned in the USA and around the world for their quality and reliability. Later in the company’s history in 2010 almost all of the manufacturing was brought back to the USA from China, at the company’s Riverton, Wyoming factory.

The Brunton TruArc™ 15 Compass

The Brunton TruArc™ 15 Compass was developed as a professional-grade compass that includes a internal vial inclinometer and lid inclinometer for advanced navigation, snow-safety, search and rescue, or scientific field work.

Each of these compasses comes with a TruArc™ Global Needle that tilts up to 20˚ for balanced use worldwide, covering both the northern and southern hemisphere. It has a tool-free declination adjustment to orient magnetic north to true north, and Meridian lines for aligning with map grid lines.

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Image DescriptionThis compass is ideal for advanced navigation, snow-safety, search and rescue, or scientific field work. It’s also well-suited to use by campers, hikers, overlanders, and explorers.

As noted further up, each of these compasses is made in Wyoming, they all come with a one year warranty, they’re equipped with a tamper-resistant method of opening the compass body for simple repairs or rebalances, and they retail for $69.95 USD.

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