Motorcycle jeans have long been a bit of a compromise, they usually feature heavy gauge denim with Kevlar® panels stitched into the knees and backside – many also offer armour inserts for the knees and hips to provide a little more in the way of impact protection.

Earlier this week Icon 1000 announced their new Rouser Jeans, they’ve been engineered from an interesting Kevlar®/Denim hybrid weave material (30/70) that offers full length Kevlar® protection without the itchy and not-fun-to-wear-in-hot-weather Kevlar® panels pressed into your skin.

The Rouser Jeans are also fitted with D3O® CE-certified impact protectors in the knees, this flexible armour is soft and malleable to the touch but instantly hardens on impact – making it popular with skiers, snowboarders, motorcyclists and others who enjoy going fast but occasionally find themselves accidentally stopping quite suddenly.

With a $230 MSRP the Rouser Jeans offer an affordable way to provide yourself with full lower-body coverage, they have the added benefit of looking nothing like the slightly awkward jeans usually associated with Kevlar®, so you’ll be able to wear them when not riding, without looking like a tool.

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