Comic Book Plus is one of the world’s largest databases of freely downloadable comics that are all in the public domain – impressively they’ve managed to save almost 200 rare golden age motoring comics including Gasoline Alley, Grand Prix, Drag-Strip Hotrodders, Hot Rod Racers, Meccano Magazine, Speed Demons, Tommy Gets the Keys, Top Eliminator, World of Wheels, and many more, like the creatively titled “Tommy Gets the Keys”.

Amazingly the dedicated team of volunteers at Comic Book Plus have managed to create high-quality digital scans of countless thousands of pages and they’ve arranged them so they can be conveniently read online, or downloaded to read later on a number of different devices.

In order to combat spam they do require that you create a free account in order to download, however anyone can read the comics online and it only takes a few seconds to create an account.

Drag Strip Hotrodders Comic Book Collage

It’s possible to lose hours and hours reading through the archive, it’s fascinating to read comics from as early as 1918 and all the way up to 1967. Gasoline Alley is the oldest and there are 14 of these comics available, it ran from 1918 until 1930 – a fascinating time in American history between the end of the First World War and up till the beginning of the Great Depression.

Many of these comics would have been lost to history without the tireless and unpaid work of organisations like this, if you’d like to donate they have a PayPal button on their website and all proceeds go to keeping the website and their archive up to date and online.

If you’d like to visit the site, sign up and start downloading comics you can hit the red button below. Just be warned, you can lose hours of your life buried in those pages!

Download Here

We want to give a hat tip to Vaishali Dinakaran, she’s the one who drew our attention to Comic Book Plus, she’s the Motorsport Editor of and a freelance motoring writer.

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