I was on my way to a car show last weekend when a bright red Ferrari 250 GT Lusso went past travelling in the opposite direction, I very nearly ploughed into the central divider whilst shouting something incoherent to my Mrs in the passenger seat that must have sounded something a little like 250gtlusso250gtlusso250gtlusso250gtlusso. Her initial fear was that I was in the midst of a reasonably serious stroke, but once I’d caught my breath I was able to explain my outburst and she was able to go back to being content that I wasn’t having a stroke, I was just an idiot.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to nearly write themselves off after seeing a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso fly past – in fact it probably happens with reasonable regularity. The main reason for the danger presented to other road users by the 250 GT Lusso is its looks – this is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever made, as well as one of the most beautiful cars ever made period.

250 GT Lusso would be Ferrari’s swan song for the iconic 250 series, the design was penned by Pininfarina, shaped by Scaglietti and powered by the godlike Colombo V12. Although it was never intended as a race car it was entered into the Targa Florio and the Tour de France in 1964 and ’65 respectively by privateer owners, the Lusso benefitted greatly from the evolutionary advances of the 250 series and as a result, it had a suspension arrangement basically identical to the Ferrari 250 GTO.

Both Steve McQueen and Eric Clapton both ordered new 250 GT Lussos directly from Maranello, further cementing the car’s icon status. The press reviews of the Lusso were almost breathless in their unabashed praise for the new Ferrari, Car and Driver said “Its proportions approach perfection”, Automobile Revue called it “the most beautiful car in the world” and Road and Track called it “Ferrari’s most beautiful car” – high praise indeed.

The Lusso you see here has just come onto the market, it’s being sold out of 30 year ownership and it’s in remarkably original condition throughout. The full write-up on the car and its history make good reading, so if you’d like to learn more or enquire after the price you can click here to visit LBI Limited., or click the button below.

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