This is the FireCard™ from the team at Wazoo. Wazoo was founded in 2013 by Dustin Hogard and Nick Blackman, and their first product was the popular Adventure Bracelet™ – a paracord survival bracelet that included a compass, paracord, signal mirror, a fire starter, fishing gear, and more.

The FireCard™ is one of their newer creations, as the name suggests it’s a card that’s been designed to help you start a fire. It’s made from a highly-flammable modified biopolymer that remains inert when in your wallet, but burns well (even when wet) as soon as it’s exposed to a flame.

Wazoo FireCard

Image DescriptionThe FireCard can be used by scraping some off the side and then igniting it with a spark or fire steel. It can also be lit on fire as a whole and used as a traditional firestarter.

The FireCard™ can be used in one of two ways. Firstly, you can shave off slivers of it to provide that first ignition and burn to get your fire going. Secondly, you can just set fire to the whole card and use it to ignite sticks or other kindling – this is the ideal option when it’s been raining and your fire needs a little extra encouragement.

Tinder can be an oft-forgotten critical component of getting a campfire started, and if a fire does fail to get going it’s often because of either insufficient kindling, or kindling of the wrong size. Rain, snow, and general wet weather can also make starting campfires nigh on impossible, unless you bring some fire starters with you that is.

Wazoo FireCard 1

Image DescriptionOnce the card is alight it burns well, whether wet or dry, and does a good job of getting your kindling burning.

Each card is the size of a standard credit or bank card so that it’ll easily fit in your wallet. Wazoo sells them in packs of three for $10, packs of six for $18, and packs of 12 for $32 USD. At the time of writing there are 54 five star reviews of the card on the storefront, a good sign that people are finding it useful.

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