The classic leather motorcycle jacket is a thing that’s been reinvented, reinterpreted and redesigned for decades, the upside to this is that we see a pretty steady stream of interesting new designs that all have one foot planted in the past and one foot firmly in the present.

This new jacket by Anvil Motociclette is based closely on the designs that were popular throughout the 1970s, the double-layer, diamond-stitched shoulders and elbows were originally designed to offer additional protection from impacts and abrasions. Each jacket is handmade in Italy from premium-grade cowhide with 6 colours to choose from and sizes ranging from XS all the way up to XXXL.

As with anything that’s been made by hand in the old country – these don’t come cheap, the upside is that they’ll last almost forever and you’ll be very unlikely to bump into another rider in the same gear.

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