This is the new Brummel Blazer, it was developed as an alternative to a regular motorcycle jacket for riders who need to dress a little more formally.

In order to provide as much protection as possible each of these blazers is reinforced with a Swiss-made fabric that incorporates DuPont Kevlar fibers for significant added abrasion protection.

CE level 2 impact protectors are fitted in the elbow and shoulder areas for added safety, they’re made from PU foam which stays soft and malleable until impact at which point it hardens.

Obviously a key consideration with a blazer is that you typically only have a single button done up, which leaves the jacket susceptible to being pulled open or even pulled partially off during an accident. The team at Brummel took this into consideration and added a discreet internal zipper section which can’t be seen externally but uses a YKK zipper to keep the jacket closed and fitted.

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An additional wind-proof gilet is included to cover the chest and neck area to help riders stay warm when the cooler weather rolls in. Regular blazers can be a little restrictive so the Brummel Blazer has discrete rear gussets and a rear stretch panel to ensure you can ride anything from a superbike to a chopper and remain comfortable.

Brummel is currently crowd funding the blazer on Kickstarter and the good news is that it’s already surpassed its funding goal. There are pre-order spots available at a signifiant discount under what the eventual MSRP will be, and you can choose from either blue checked or black colorways.

Sizing ranges from S to XXL and there’s a sizing chart on the store page to help you convert your current blazer size, including measurements in both centimeters and inches for key body parts like the arms, chest area, neck, and hips.

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