Yamaha SR400 Custom

Yamaha SR400 Custom Motorbike 7

The Yamaha SR400 is a cornerstone of the international custom motorcycle scene, the indestructible single cylinder thumper has one valve in, one valve out and a single carburettor mounted under the seat. This means that when the global nuclear apocalypse finally takes place, the SR400 will be one of the few motorcycles that still works…

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Stories of Bike: Jodie Rigg


Stories of Bike is a fantastic series of short films by the talented director Cam Elkins, each episode features a different person talking about their motorcycle or motorcycles, their history with two-wheeled transportation and some genuinely remarkable camera work. This is episode 10 and it centres around the life and times of Jodie Rigg, I’m…

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The Armstrong 500 – 1965

The Armstrong 500

The 1965 Armstrong 500 was the sixth running of the event, an early precursor to the modern day Bathurst 1000. 1965 was the first year that non-Australian assembled cars were permitted to enter (so long as at least 250 of them had been road registered in the country), the race was separated into classes A,…

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Tank Moto Magazine

Tank Moto Magazine Thumbnail

Tank Moto Magazine is a new quarterly publication by the talented editorial team behind the car-centric Fuel Magazine – Tank Moto is dedicated purely to motorcycles and the culture that surrounds them in Australia and around the world. I just got my hands on the first edition of Tank Moto and it’s a strangely compelling…

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Onboard With Gerhard Berger – Estoril 1989 Formula 1 Grand Prix

Onboard With Gerhard Berger - Estoril 1989 Formula 1 Grand Prix 2

Sometimes it’s fantastic to drop the commentary, lose the onscreen graphics, forget about the advertising and get back to basics. So with that in mind, we thought it’d be good to bring you a full Formula One grand prix from the driver’s perspective. The race in question is the Portuguese Estoril 1989 Grand Prix and the camera is mounted just to the right of the head of Gerhard Berger, on his staggeringly unreliable 3.5 litre Ferrari 640.

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The Sydney Forensic Photography Archive


The Sydney Forensic Photography Archive is an incredible resource of early 20th century photographs, the best section of the archive has to be the mugshots – as you can see below they were all taken with “wet plate” cameras, a type of photography that’s actually beginning to catch on again due to the stunning depth and clarity of the images that are produced.

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