The VSSL First Aid is an LED flashlight that contains 46 first aid essentials, a compass, and a 4-mode LED light that can operate in high power, low power, SOS, or red light modes.

The days when we needed flashlights with long tube bodies able to carry a number of DD batteries are long gone thanks to the advancements made with modern LEDs.

The far lower power requirements of LEDs mean they need much smaller batteries but can still produce the same amount of light, and they can produce the light for far longer.

The team at VSSL have incorporated the classic “long tube” flashlight design with modern LEDs to create a series of survival kits that are inserted into the now hollow aluminum tube.

VSSL First Aid

Above Image: The VSSL First Aid has a flashlight at one end, a compass at the other, and the body contains 46 first aid essentials.

The most useful of these is probably the VSSL First Aid variant shown here, but the most fun is undoubtably the VSSL Flask – an LED flashlight that encloses a secret 9 ounce flask of whiskey or whatever else you feel like filling it with.

VSSL make all of their flashlights from military-grade aluminum alloy and they’re all completely waterproof. The LED flashlight sits in the top, there’s a compass in the base and each of them come with a lifetime warranty.

Inside the VSSL First Aid you’ll find a carefully curated collection of first aid essentials all rolled up in an easy to use organizer.

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