This is the VSSL Catch & Cook Essentials Kit, in short, it contains all the things you need to catch a fish and start a fire – allowing you to feed yourself when you’re out in the wilderness.

Inside the kit you’ll find 15 pieces of fishing equipment including rubber lure worms of different colors as well as eight hooks of different sizes, sinkers, swivels, and 50 feet of 20 lb fishing line.

VSSL Catch & Cook Essentials Kit 9

Image DescriptionThe kit contains cotton wool and a ferro rod and striker for starting fires – even in damp and wet conditions.

A hand-held wire saw is also included, with canvas handles, which allows you to cut wood efficiently into campfire-appropriate sizes when you’re ready to cook your fish.

To start your fire the kit has cotton fire starting tabs, or tinder depending on your preferred nomenclature, and a ferro rod and striker. When used effectively ferro rods create a shower of sparks even in wet conditions, and they can typically be used hundreds, even thousands of times before they need replacing.

The ferro rod striker is a ceramic blade that is designed to be used as a knife when needed, like when gutting and scaling your trout for example.

VSSL Catch & Cook Essentials Kit 1

Image DescriptionEach individual container slides into the tube, this helps to keep everything neat and organized until you need it.

These kits are designed for survival and enthusiast use, as such VSSL keeps them as compact as possible so you won’t have any trouble fitting them into your pack. This one weighs just 7.29 oz and measures in at 2″ and 3-13/16″ long.

To cap it all off, so to speak, the screw down cap of the Catch & Cook Essentials Kit has a built-in oil-filled compass – to help you find your way home. After you’ve finished your freshly cooked fish of course.

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