This is the VSSL Camp Supplies II Kit, it contains 50+ pieces of essential equipment that can help keep you alive in the great outdoors and help get you rescued – if you ever need it.

VSSL (pronounced “Vessel”) was founded by Todd Weimer based on his experiences growing up in Canada’s remote northern wilderness. Weimer got good at packing light while still keeping all the essentials on hand, and he incorporated these lessons into his initial VSSL prototypes.

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Image DescriptionThe water-resistant aluminum tube contains all the individual kits neatly organized, it also has a long-life LED flashlight at one end and an oil-filled compass at the other.

The idea for the first VSSL products came about in part due to the fact that modern LEDs are able to produce so much light with so little power, meaning that all of the batteries in those hefty tubular flashlights of yesteryear are no longer required.

All of this potentially empty space inside the flashlight gave Weimer an idea – why not fill it with essential survival, first aid, or camping supplies? Hell, why not fill it with whisky? So he created his own VSSL flashlights to do all of those things and more.

As the name implies this is the second generation of the VSSL Camp Supplies Kit, it’s the new and improved update to the original but it keeps all of the important core functionality – including the military-grade aluminum tube that contains all the gear in the kit and doubles as a flashlight and compass.

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Image DescriptionThis is the oil-filled compass that comes in the end of the VSSL Camp Supplies II Kit, it can be quickly unscrewed to use it for orienteering when needed, or it can be used in situ.

What’s In The Kit?

  • A Flush-Mounted Oil Based Compass For Direction Finding.
  • A Water Resistant 4-Mode LED Lantern with 20+ Hours Of Continuous Light + 40+ Hours Of SOS Display (…—…).
  • Essential Gear: Gear Twists, P-38 Can Opener, A 35mm Signaling Mirror, A Sewing Kit, And A Whistle.
  • Fire Striker Kit: Five Waterproof Tinder Quick Fire-Starting Tabs, A Ferrocerium Rod, And A Ceramic Striker.
  • A 4 Hour Beeswax Candle.
  • A Wire Saw.
  • A 1 Liter Water Bag.
  • Fishing Tackle: Barbed Hooks, Lead Weights, Swivel Leaders, Rubber Worms, Swivel Spoon, 50’ of 20 lb Test Fishing Line, EVA Line Winder – Bobber.
  • 12 Zip Ties: Eight 4” Zip Ties, Two 6” Zip Ties, Two 8” Zip Ties.
  • Multi-Purpose Adventure Tape.
  • A Bamboo Cloth.
  • Batteries Are Included, And Of Course They’re Replaceable When Needed.
  • And The Water Resistant Military Grade Aluminum Cylinder That It All Comes In.
VSSL Camp Supplies II Kit 4

Image DescriptionThis is the LED flashlight, it offers 20+ hours of continuous light as well as 40+ hours of SOS display with the morse code …—… which can be seen for miles – particularly at night.

The VSSL Camp Supplies II Kit comes with the company’s limited lifetime warranty and they offer free standard shipping on all orders over $99 USD. This kit retails for $145 USD, about the amount you might expect to pay for a good quality water resistant flashlight and oil-filled compass without all the additional survival gear.

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