The Überleben Lødern is a ferro rod (ferrocerium) fire starter designed to last a minimum of 12,000 strikes, sending out a shower of sparks at 5,430 °F.

Ferrocerium is a pyrophoric alloy that produces hot sparks when it’s rapidly oxidized, typically by quickly scraping a piece of metal down its length. This property has made the material popular with a wide variety of people from special forces operatives to regular campers and survivalists, often as a backup to matches or lighters.

The Überleben Lødern measures in at just under 5 inches in length and it can be ordered in three thicknesses, traditional, professional, or fatty – each increasing in thickness to give you more available strikes.

It has a hardwood handle and a lanyard, attaching a 6-in-1 multi-tool scraper with a map scale, a concave-serrated tinder scraper, a straight-edge spine, a hex wrench, a ruler for use with map scales, and a bottle opener.

Even though you may not use it as a primary fire lighter, it’s always good to have a ferro rod handy as they’re 100% waterproof and they work in the rain, plus they’re never likely to wear out on you. The traditional sized fire starter costs just $16, the pro costs $18, and the fatty costs $22.

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Überleben Lødern Ferro Rod Survival Fire Starters

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