Bonneville Blonde

triumph bonneville blonde 450x330 - Bonneville Blonde

I’m happy that Triumph still produces Bonnevilles and Scramblers, it’s nice to know that we still have that direct link to a time in the past when motorcycles had to be kick-started and leather trousers were a perfectly acceptable piece of attire.

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Goldmember by Goldammer Cycle Works

Goldmember by Goldammer Cycle Works 3 450x330 - Goldmember by Goldammer Cycle Works

We featured the Nortorious by Goldammer Cycle Works earlier this week and it caused all of our regular reader’s eyes to explode out of their faces, bounce off their monitors and land on their keyboards. In other words, it was rather popular. Usually I wouldn’t feature 2 bikes from the same builder in the same…

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MG EX 181 mg ex181 11 450x330 - MG EX 181

In 1957 the MG Car Company arrived at the Bonneville Salt Flats with an unusually shaped vehicle and legendary racing driver Stirling Moss. The car was called the MG EX 181 and it was entered into the Class F land-speed series for cars with engines between 1.1 and 1.5 litres.

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