Dot. Sydney to London on a Wing and a Prayer is a film that documents the journey of Nathan Millward from Sydney to London in 2009. He set off from Sydney with no plans, not much money, no visas and no experience.

His motorcycle is a trusty Australian “Postie” that he nicknamed “Dot”, it’s a Honda CT110 that was and still is used by the Australian Postal Service. They’ve become iconic bikes across Australia and many people keep one as a backup or spare – which isn’t surprising considering that fact that they can be bought for a few hundred dollars in good condition.

The film runs just under 15 minutes in length and I can’t recommend it highly enough, it’s exactly the sort of adventure that I think everyone should do at least once in their lifetime.

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2. Day One, saying goodbye to Sydney, Australia

9. Avoiding road Trains, the Australian Outback

10. Travelling during the Wet Season, Australian Outback

11, Making it to Darwin in time for cargo boat to East Timor.

13. The kids of East Timor

16. The fuel stops of East Timor

21. Taking a breather, Bali beach

22. Riding the Bali Volcano

23. Handstands in the volcvano, Bali, Indonesia

24. Morning market for breakfast, Java, Indonesia

25. Meeting and joining an Indonesian bike gang

27. Dropping by a school for a chat, Sumatra Indonesia

28. Main road Sumatra

33. Celebrating Songkran, Bangkok, Thailand

37. Colourful trucks of Nepal

44. Visiting the Taj Mahal, Agra, India

46. Nightime in downtown Delhi, India

49. Top of Rohtang La, Manali to Leh Highway, India

51. Riding the second highest road in the world, India

60. Make shift bridges, Indian Himalayas

71. Dowtown Kashgar, China
82. Cold weather coming, Kazakhstan

83. Quite the relationship, Kazakhstan

74. Meeting the wild horsemen of Kyrgyzstan

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