These are the new Sparco Martini Racing Top race boots, they’re part of Italian company Sparco’s new line of racing gear that features one of the world’s most famous racing color schemes – the iconic Martini livery.

Far from being just display pieces, these boots are designed for racing. They’re certified to the FIA 8856-2018 safety standard which means you can wear them in professional-level motorsport competition, or you can wear them at your local trackday.

Each pair has a soft suede upper for comfort and a natural rubber sole. As you would expect with any motor sport footwear, the Sparco Martini Racing Top race boots have a thin sole designed to transmit as much feel from the pedals as possible, with a curved heel to provide the back of your foot with grip in the footwell when you’re driving.

Porsche Martini Livery

Above Image: A great example of the Martini livery, click here to read more about these two.

Boot closure is by lace and there’s a velcro strap at the top to keep it securely fastened. That famous Martini livery is embroidered down the side, and the boots are dark blue with light blue stitching to match.

The side of the boot is reinforced with additional layers of suede to allow you to heel-and-toe shift without the risk of wearing a hole, and the sole has a tread pattern designed to look like tire tread.

Sizing runs from 37 to 48, and there’s a sizing chart to translate between US/UK/EU sizes on the store page to ensure you get the right fit first time. You can choose any color you like so long as it’s blue, and the MSRP is £145 which is approximately $201 USD.

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Sparco Martini Racing Top Race Boot

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