The SOLKOA Survival Kit has been developed specifically for New York based company Best Made. Each kit is contained inside a virtually indestructible “SUMA” box, machined from a single block of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and offering 18.75 cubic inches of internal space.

Inside you’ll find a fishing kit, an emergency blanket measuring 56” x 84”, a sewing kit, 2” x 24” of duct tape, a P-38 can opener, a 14 lb thread line, 15 feet of 135 lb Kevlar line, an IDLT 10 Mini Multi Tool, 24″ of steel wire, a cotton pad, an antibiotic ointment pack, an alcohol prep pad, a 14mm button compass, a signaling mirror, a Photon II white LED micro light, an emergency whistle, a pencil (with eraser), 5 Sheets Rite in the Rain Paper, a Fresnel magnifying glass, waterproof matches, 6 fire tinder tabs, a flint rod, a 3″ hacksaw blade, 6 water purification tablets, a 9″ x 10″ waterproof bag, and a folding razor blade.

The SOLKOA Survival Kit has external measurements of 3 1/4″ x 5 1/8″ x 1 7/8″, so it’ll fit neatly into a glove compartment or pannier bag, and you never know when it’ll come in handy – it might just save your life.

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Published by Ben Branch -