This is the Roam Rambler, it was developed as a simple solution for those who want a rooftop tent without all the additional complexities that can come with them. It takes 60 seconds to set up or fold away, and it can be fitted to almost any suitable roof rack or bed rack.

The Roam Rambler is a hardshell rooftop tent that sleeps two adults comfortably on a built-in, high-density foam mattress. The cover is made from reinforced ABS fiberglass to give a good balance between low weight and strength, and the tent has doors on both sides – allowing you to set the ladder up at whichever side is the most convenient.

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Image DescriptionThe Roam Rambler has a rugged outer shell made from reinforced ABS fiberglass, it can be popped open in 60 seconds or less thanks to its gas struts.

The tent comes with a lightweight telescoping aluminum ladder, and it has full panoramic windows that can be unzipped to give you a full 360º view of your surroundings while still having an insect-proof mesh between yourself and the outside world.

Setting up or folding away the tent takes just a minute thanks to the use of four stainless steel latches and gas struts. For the sake of simplicity it’s designed to have the mattress and all of your bedding left inside, so you don’t have to set your bed up each night.

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Image DescriptionThe full weight of the tent is just 130 lbs or 59 kgs, making it ideal for those who want to keep weight low and avoid overly complex rooftop tents.

The mattress is made from 2.75″ inch high-density foam that the team at Roam chose for its comfort, and importantly the hardshell has an insulated base and ceiling to help moderate temperatures and avoid condensation.

Each of the two doors has a zippered awning over the top, so you can get in and out in the rain. Rubberized silent zippers are used throughout and the tent comes with boots bags, so you can leave your boots outside but also keep them dry at night.

The total weight of the Roam Rambler is 130 lbs or 59 kgs, it measures in at 84″L x 50.5″W x 11″H when closed and 81”L x 48”W x 36”H when open, it comes with a 5 year manufacturers/craftsmanship warranty, and it retails for $3,399 USD.

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