This is the Haven Tent, and for the uninitiated, it’s a patented hammock tent design that allows the occupant to lay completely flat, rather than in a curved position as with a regular hammock.

Each Haven Tent can be set up between two trees (or other fixed points), or set up flat on the ground in the same way as a hiking tent or swag. The tents come with a rainfly, bug netting, straps, guy lines, stakes, and an insulated sleeping pad/mattress.

Haven Tent Lay-Flat Hammock Tent

Image DescriptionThe unusual design of the Haven Tent takes its inspiration from suspension bridge design, offering a completely flat sleeping platform while still being suspended from two trees like a normal hammock.

Haven Tents

Haven Tents is still a relatively new company, it was founded in 2019 by Derek Tillotson after his unique lay-flat hammock design went viral on Kickstarter, achieving almost 10x his original funding goal.

Tillotson’s design took its inspiration from suspension bridges, using suspension arcs, a structural ridgeline, and spreader bars, to create a hammock with a flat comfortable bed that can be hung between trees or set up like a traditional tent flat on the ground.

Haven Tents is now headquartered at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Sandy, Utah. They’ve developed a series of different lay-flat hammock tent designs, and they’ve shipped them out to customers around the world.

The Original Haven Tent

This is the original Haven Tent design that launched the company five years ago. It’s been incrementally updated over that time, and it’s now offered in your choice of Forest Green or Sky Blue.

Haven Tent Lay-Flat Hammock Tent Structure

Image DescriptionThe Haven hammock/tent uses a structural ridgeline, spreader bars, and suspension arcs to form its structure, and it has a removable air mattress for a good nights sleep.

When set up, each of these hammock tents measures in at 78 inches long and 24 inches wide, with a weight capacity of up to 285 lbs. When packed down it measures in at 14 x 6 x 8 inches and weighs 6 lbs 15.5 ozs, that’s including the weight of the rainfly and padded sleeping mattress.

The amount of time it takes to set up the Haven Tent can vary based on whether you’re setting it up between two trees or on the ground. Setting it up between trees (or other fixed points) tends to be quicker as it just needs to be lashed into place at each end.

Setting it up on the ground is simple but does take a little longer, as pegs, guy lines, and poles need to be used to hold the structure up. There are two other models on sale including the Haven XL which is slightly larger, and the Haven Safari which is the same size as the XL but is built with more heavy duty materials, as a result it weighs in at approximately 5 lbs more.

When ordering you can choose from a variety of tent fly colors and you can also specify whether you want the mattress included or not – you will need a mattress to use it but some already have a camping mattress at home and want to save on the cost.

Haven Tent Lay-Flat Hammock Tent 3

Image DescriptionWith poles, guy lines, and pegs, the Haven Tent can be set up on the ground quickly and easily when there are no trees or other fixing points nearby.

Each tent comes with free US shipping out of Sandy, Utah, they all come with a one year warranty and there’s a helpful team that manages returns when necessary.

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