This is the Primus Fuel Bottle, it’s a 1.0 liter bottle for storing fuel in case you need it in an emergency, and it can be used for storing gasoline/petrol, diesel, kerosene, or avgas (aviation fuel).

The designers at Primus deliberately chose a form factor very similar to standard water bottles, making it easy to stash an extra supply of fuel for those times when you get caught out. The small size compared to a more traditional jerry can mean it’s possible to carry just what you need, be in one bottle or three or four.

Carrying extra fuel on motorcycles can be a little tricky, so smaller bottles like this can be ideal for those longer trips when you’re not going to be near a gas station but want to make sure you have some extra emergency fuel on hand.

Each of these bottles is made from seamless extruded aluminum, they’re lacquered inside to give the bottle better protection, and the connection threads are standard and suitable for OmniFuel, MultiFuel, VariFuel, Gravity VF & MFm and EtaPower MF as well as most common pump stoves that burn liquid fuels.

The 1.0 liter bottle weighs in at 250 grams empty, it measures in at 270mm high by 80mm wide, and it holds 31 oz of fuel. Primus also offer the bottle in 1.5, 0.6, and 0.35 liter sizes, with the 1.0 liter bottle costing $19.95 USD.

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