This is the new Orange Box, it’s the first Bluetooth speaker ever developed by the iconic British amplifier company and interestingly, it’s the only Bluetooth speaker with both Class D and A/B Analogue amplifiers.

Each Orange Box comes with a specially voiced subwoofer balanced by twin high-frequency cones, with analogue EQ dials to adjust the sound to suit your taste and the room that the speaker is placed in.

Stevie Wonder Vintage Orange Amp

Image DescriptionThis is Stevie Wonder sitting next to an Orange amp stack, he was among many major artists who have used the companies amplifiers since the 1960s. Image courtesy of Orange.

The Orange Music Electronic Company

The Orange Music Electronic Company, established in 1968 by Clifford Cooper, is a well-known British manufacturer of guitar amplifiers. They made their mark with the release of the Orange Matamp Series 200 amplifier, featuring its iconic orange color and unique design.

The amplifier’s distinct sound quickly gained popularity, especially in the heavy rock and metal music scenes. Throughout the 1970s, Orange amplifiers like the Graphic 120, OR120, and OR80 became highly sought after for their simplicity, durability, and warm tones.

Countless rockstars have used Orange amplifiers over the years including Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Noel Gallagher (Oasis), Jim Root (Slipknot), Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Brent Hinds (Mastodon), Stevie Wonder, Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), and Geddy Lee (Rush).

Orange Box Bluetooth Speaker 2

Image DescriptionThe Orange Box has a set of controls on the rear, just like a standard amp, allowing you to control the EQ, volume, and other functions.

The company faced major financial challenges in the 1980s, Orange persevered and managed to maintain their customer base. The brand experienced a resurgence in the late 1990s when the grunge music scene took off out of Seattle and developed a large global following.

The Orange Box

The Orange Box is designed to be a highly-portable Bluetooth speaker that can be used both outdoors and in. It has a built-in rechargeable battery offering 15 hours of power on the go, and it can be plugged into the mains directly when at home.

It also comes with an overload light, a flashing indicator that lets you know when the unit is being driven too hard, potentially damaging the speakers. Both Bluetooth 5 and aux cord connections are supported, and the unit’s Bluetooth button also doubles as a play/pause button.

Orange Box Bluetooth Speaker 1

Image DescriptionThe Orange Box is built in exactly the same way as the company’s amplifiers, and they’re designed to give the same warm tone.

Interestingly, the Orange Box is designed to allow owners to repair it themselves. Orange states that they will make stock and replacement parts continuously available into the 2030s, with spare cables, straps, and rechargeable batteries on hand. This is something we’ve never seen from a comparable speaker manufacturer before and it’s a welcome feature.

Inside you’ll find a 4 inch subwoofer powered by a 30W Class D amplifier and dual 2 inch full-range drivers powered by dual 10W Class AB analog amplifiers, which Orange explains will offer a warmer sound and tone.

In Europe the pricing is €320, in the United States it’s selling for $299 USD, and you can choose from either classic Orange or a more understated Black colorway. You can visit the official Orange store here.

Orange Box Bluetooth Speaker 4 Orange Box Bluetooth Speaker 7 Orange Box Bluetooth Speaker 6 Orange Box Bluetooth Speaker 5

Images courtesy of the Orange Music Electronic Company

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