Norton Model 50 by Heiwa

Norton Model 50 by Heiwa

The Norton Model 50 was originally put into production in 1933, the bike was designed by Edgar Franks – the talented if not a little before his time engineer who would oversee the creation of the Manx Norton, the Norton Featherbed frame and the first telescopic forks for use on a production Norton motorcycle.

This custom Norton Model 50 by Heiwa Motorcycles has taken the creation of Edgar Franks and (dare I say it) made it even more beautiful. That 348cc single cylinder engine is a work of art by any measure and the custom frame developed by Heiwa seems to show it off even better than the original.

The single down-tube frame design coupled with the circular crankcase on the Model 50’s engine give the bike an almost board-tracker feel, with hefty doses brushed steel, brass fittings and a minimalist design aesthetic that’d impress even the likes of John Pawson.

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Heiwa Motorcycles is based in the city of Hiroshima, they are one of the most fascinating custom motorcycle garages in Japan in my view, and I know that’s quite a statement. The team at Heiwa work on all the famous Japanese motorcycle brands but also work on Nortons, BSAs, AJSs and Triumphs. Their work is often denoted by a low seat height, very clean, minimalist structures and an almost pathological attention to detail.

This bike’s custom fuel tank is a standout feature along with that fitted oil tank under the seat, that custom single-pipe exhaust is a thing of beauty – the way it’s been shaped to flow along the side of the engine without covering up any of the nice shiny parts is a well thought out plus.

If you’d like to buy a Heiwa motorcycle, they do make customs to client’s personal specifications as well as offer many of their classic in-house designs for sale.

Click here to visit Heiwa Motorcycles.

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