Motorcycle Tool Roll by Union Garage NYC

Motorcycle Tool Roll

The Tool Roll by Union Garage NYC is a new product from the New York based company, it’s designed to be an all-inclusive set of tools for metric motorcycles that’ll keep you on the road, even when your bike is being a little temperamental.

It comes equipped with a 50 piece tool kit, including American­-made Leatherman pliers, Bondhus L­bend Allen keys, an ultra­compact micro ratchet wrench with a 20­ piece hardened steel bit set, Heyco­brand open­-end wrenches and a compact test light — both sourced direct from Germany. It also includes extras like a Moleskine maintenance log and a top-notch American­-made tire pressure gauge.

So far as motorcycle tool rolls go, you’ll be hard pressed to find one that comes better decked out than this. Only 50 are available in the first production run, so if you want one you won’t want to dilly-dally.

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