Mollyjogger’s Bear & Son Scrimshaw Knife Kit contains everything you need to partake in the age-old art of scrimshaw – carving bone or ivory with words, art, and iconography, a pastime that originally started on whaling ships back in the mid-1700s.

While the early scrimshaw artists used whale bones and teeth, typically from sperm or baleen whales, it’s now more common to use bone from land-based mammals. Interestingly, a professional scrimshaw artist is called a scrimshander, which is a piece of trivial knowledge that might just win you a pub quiz one day.

This scrimshaw knife kit from Mollyjogger includes everything you need to scrimshaw your own knife handle, including the knife itself – an American-made Bear & Son 3 5/8” lock-back knife with a 440 stainless steel drop point blade with smooth, natural bone handles and nickel bolsters.

Also in the kit you’ll find a steel-point scribe, a tracing tool, transfer paper, steel wool (fine grade), a multi-surface pencil, ink applicators, and a 1/2 dram of India Ink. There are also step-by-step instructions with some sample graphics to get you started.

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Published by Ben Branch -