The Miniot Wheel 2 is a revolutionary record player design that can be placed flat on a table, mounted vertically on a wall, or at an angle on its supplied stand. It plays your records from the back, meaning there is no outwardly visible tone arm, cartridge, or electronics.

The team at Miniot first came up with the concept back in 2017, once the industrial design was worked out they launched the concept on Kickstarter where it proved wildly popular. In all it took five years for the engineering to be completed and the design deemed ready for full production.

The Miniot Wheel 2 is the second generation turntable from the Dutch company, including a series of design and engineering refinements. Each Wheel 2 has a base of walnut or cherry wood which is hand-stained before the process of assembly begins.

Miniot Wheel 2 Turntable 1

Image DescriptionThe fact that the Miniot turntable can be mounted vertically or stood up on its stand means that it can be displayed in ways most record players can’t. In this image it’s sitting on its stand in a shelf surrounded by records and speakers.

Miniot makes extensive use of CNC milling equipment to fabricate the range of parts each turntable needs, they’re all then assembled and tested by hand in the workshop located in Schagen in the Netherlands. The linear tonearm and phono stage is paired with an Audio Technica AT95E cartridge and a built-in preamp, and rotational power is provided by three closed loop motors.

The ability to mount the Wheel 2 on the wall allows it to sit alongside paintings and photography, and with each record change the look of the record player changes completely.

Since the full launch Miniot have been rushed off their feet with orders pouring in from around the world, it currently takes approximately eight weeks between ordering and receiving the final product, and they sell for €1,999 which works out to ~$2,180 USD.

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Images courtesy of Miniot

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