Many Land Rover historians consider the Series IIA to be the best of the Series models, it exists in a Goldilocks zone between refinement and simplicity – before the crack-prone plastic dashboards of the Series III but after some engine and transmission improvements over the Series II.

Land Rover used the Series IIA as a transitional model between the Series II and the Series III, the lights were moved from the grill to the front wings in 1969, a new diesel engine was offered (closely based on the 2.25 litre petrol engine), and in 1967 a 2.6 litre inline 6 cylinder petrol engine was introduced (for the LWB models).

The production of the Series IIA ran from 1961 till 1971, a 10 year stretch that many remember as being the golden age of the British 4×4. It was a time before the Japanese had entered the market in any signifiant way and the American 4×4 manufacturers were more focussed on their domestic market – so Land Rover established themselves as the world’s pre-eminent off-road vehicle manufacturer.

Back in the heyday of the original Land Rovers it was estimated that 50% of the world’s population’s first encounter with a car was with a Land Rover – either rumbling out of the jungle in the Congo, over the mountains of Darjeeling, or across the Australian outback.

The 1971 SWB Land Rover Series IIA you see here underwent a nut and bolt restoration 4 years ago, including a full repaint in its original (specially ordered) bright orange. This is the 2.25 litre diesel-engined version and it comes fitted with Wolf Wheels, BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires, a new black mohair canvas hood, black vinyl deluxe front seats, and a USB charger for electronic devices.

As with all Series Land Rovers, the Series IIA comes with both high and low range, and a part time 4×4 system allowing the driver to engage or disengage the front axle from inside the cabin. With front and rear seats combined the Landy can carry up to 7 people, 3 in the front and 4 in the parallel bench seats in the back.

If you’d like to read more about this Series IIA you can click here to visit Cool n’ Vintage.

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