This is a 1968 TVR Tuscan V8 that was sold new through Gerry Sagerman’s TVR Cars in Lynbrook, New York, making it a rare US-delivered TVR. It was only driven for a couple of years before being taken off the road after a minor front end accident, it then spent over 30 years in storage.

The car is now being offered for sale out of Vero Beach, Florida as a complete, running project car. With a curb weight of 1,030 kgs (2,270 lbs) and 275 bhp from the 4.8 liter Ford V8, the TVR Tuscan V8 was one of the fastest accelerating cars of the time with a 0-60 mph time of a little over 5 seconds and a 170 mph top speed.

Fast Facts – The TVR Tuscan V8

  • The 1968 TVR Tuscan V8 was a rare US-delivered model, originally sold through TVR Cars in New York. It’s now being offered for sale in Florida as a running project car after spending over 30 years in storage following a minor accident. With a 4.8 liter Ford V8 engine producing 271 bhp and a lightweight body, it was one of the fastest accelerating sports cars of its time, capable of 0-60 mph in the mid-5 seconds.
  • TVR produced three versions of the Tuscan V8: SWB (short wheelbase), LWB (long wheelbase), and LWB SE (long wheelbase special equipment). The LWB versions were introduced to better accommodate American drivers. The SE package increased power to 303 bhp. In 1969, TVR introduced a more affordable V6 version, which ultimately outsold the V8 model. Production of the V8 ended in 1970, with only 73 units made compared to 101 V6 models.
  • This particular Tuscan is a desirable LWB SE model, one of only 10 produced with a 303 bhp Ford 302 V8 engine. Originally blue with a black vinyl interior, it features a wood dashboard, Blaupunkt radio, and 15″ knock-off wire wheels. After being stored for 30 years, it was recommissioned with various upgrades and repairs, including a new Holley four-barrel carburetor, serviced brakes, and fluid changes.
  • The TVR Tuscan V8 was crucial for TVR’s reputation in the United States. It was developed as an improved version of the earlier TVR Griffith, featuring independent front and rear suspension, front disc brakes, and a front-mid-mounted engine for optimal weight distribution. The lightweight fiberglass body and powerful V8 engine made it suitable for both road use and racing, embodying TVR’s philosophy of creating high-performance, driver-focused sports cars.

The First TVR Tuscan

When discussing the TVR Tuscan it’s important to note that the British automaker actually built more than one Tuscan model. The first was produced from 1967 until 1971, the second was a competition only model known as the TVR Tuscan Challenge introduced in 1988, and the third was a production sports car produced from 1999 to 2006 and called the TVR Tuscan Speed Six.

TVR Tuscan V8 Ad

Image DescriptionThis cleverly-worded ad from TVR in the late 1960s clearly shows who their competition was – the Sunbeam Tiger, Jaguar E-Type, Corvette Stingray, Ford Mustang, and Shelby Cobra. Image courtesy of TVR.

The Tuscan we’re talking about here today is the first example, the TVR Tuscan V8 that made its appearance in 1967 as just the second new car developed by TVR during the Martin Lilley-era.

It was based on a modified version of the earlier TVR Grantura/Vixen tubular steel chassis, and unusually for the era, it had independent front and rear suspension, front disc brakes, and a front-mid-mounted engine for optimal front/rear weight distribution.

As you would expect from TVR, the Tuscan V8 had a lightweight fiberglass body, two doors, two seats, and minimal space for luggage. It was never intended to be a grand tourer, but rather the kind of sports car you could drive to a circuit, win the races in your division, and then drive home at the end of the day.

The TVR Tuscan V8 In The USA

The Tuscan V8 was a critically important car for TVR, as it was developed to restore the company’s tattered reputation in the United States. When Arthur and Martin Lilley bought TVR in 1965 they arranged for Gerry Sagerman’s TVR Cars of America to become the new US importer, and they developed the Tuscan as a new and improved version of the earlier TVR Griffith.

The Tuscan V8 had a new interior and a number of other changes, power was provided by the Ford 289 V8 also used in the Ford Mustang and the early Shelby Cobras. Later widebody versions of the Tuscan V8 would receive the slightly higher-displacement Ford 302 V8, though it’s generally believed that just 10 of these were made.

TVR produced three primary versions of the Tuscan V8, the SWB, LWB, and LWB SE. As you might expect, SWB stands for short wheelbase, LWB stands for long wheelbase, and LWB SE stands for long wheelbase special equipment.

The first SWB Tuscans were powered by the 289 V8 producing 271 bhp, thanks in part to a Ford four-barrel carburetor and tubular headers. The top speed was 155 mph and production would only run for a few months before the debut of the Tuscan LWB later in 1967.

TVR Tuscan V8 Brochure 1

Image DescriptionThe TVR Tuscan SE V8 was the fastest and most powerful road car TVR had ever built up until that point in history, and even today it’s no slouch. Sadly, just 10 would be made. Image courtesy of TVR.

These cars had an additional 4.5 inches of length added to the center of the chassis, as a result the doors and cabin were larger, and the car was better able to accommodate American drivers. Some of these LWB cars were optioned with the special equipment package, among other upgrades this resulted in power increasing to 303 bhp.

The Arrival Of The Tuscan V6

The TVR Tuscan V6 was introduced in 1969 powered by the Ford Essex V6 in 3.0 liter form with 138 bhp and a modified body and chassis, as well as rear drums rather than four wheel discs as on the V8. The V6 was intended as a mid-level performance car and it was appreciably cheaper than the V8, both to buy and operate, and as a result sales were strong right out of the gate.

Ultimately the Tuscan V6 would sell so well that the Tuscan V8 would leave production in 1970, with the V6 would remain in production into 1971. 73 TVR Tuscan V8s were made vs 101 Tuscan V6s, both remain popular with enthusiasts today however the higher-performance V8 does command a price premium.

The 1968 TVR Tuscan LWB SE Shown Here

The car you see here is in the most desirable specification for the first generation TVR Tuscan – it’s the LWB SE model fitted with the 303 bhp Ford 302 V8. Just 10 of these were made and it’s not known how many have survived to the modern day.

This car was originally bought through Gerry Sagerman’s TVR Cars in Lynbrook, New York but just three years later in 1971 it was involved in a minor front end collision and taken off the road. The cracked fiberglass can be seen on the nose of the car still today.

After it was taken off the road the car remained in storage for 30 years before being rediscovered and recommissioned to get it back into running and driving condition. This reconditioning included installing a Holley four-barrel carburetor, cleaning the fuel system, servicing the brakes, fitting a replacement battery, a new radiator overflow tank, new coolant hoses, and fluid changes.

TVR Tuscan V8 2

Image DescriptionThis car was originally delivered to the USA. It was involved in a minor front-end collision when it was just three years old and it spent 30 years in storage after that.

The car was originally finished in blue over a black vinyl interior, it has a wood dashboard, a Blaupunkt AM/FM radio, 15″ knock-off wire wheels, and bullet-style rear vision mirrors.

It’s now being offered for sale out of Vero Beach, Florida on Bring a Trailer with additional spare parts and a clean Florida title listing the car as 1969 model. If you’d like to read more about it or register to bid you can visit the listing here.

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