This is the Kruk Garage Tool Roll, each one is made by hand in Ukraine by a small band of leatherworkers from vintage British army duffle canvas and full grain leather.

We first started featuring gear made by Kruk Garage years ago, well before the Russian invasion of the country. Remarkably, the small company hasn’t missed a beat and they’re still making their wares and shipping them out to local and international buyers every day despite the ongoing conflict.

Kruk Garage Tool Roll 8

Image DescriptionToll rolls are ideally suited to motorcycle use but they’re also handy for cars and 4x4s, as they allow you to just pack the specific tools your vehicle is likely to need and not carry any excess weight.

Kruk Garage is a family-run business that was founded by Alexandr Morgachev in 2015 to create new goods from vintage upcycled materials like military tent canvas, parachute bags, army duffle bags, and rifle straps.

In the years since the company has grown significantly, they now offer dozens of different handmade items from toll rolls, backpacks, and belts, to shop aprons, duffel bags, and firewood carriers.

The Kruk Garage Tool Roll

The Kruk Garage Tool Roll is one of the oldest and most popular of the company’s products. Each one is made from vintage British army duffle canvas that dates back to the 1970s as well as full grain cowhide leather, with vegetable-tanned leather straps, a bronze-finished buckle, and a YKK-zippered compartment.

The tool roll can hold up to 11 wrenches, a ratchet and your most commonly used sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, and it has a leather pocket for things like fuses, wire, zip ties, and epoxy resin.

Tool rolls generally come empty of course, the purpose of them is that you can fill them with the tools you’re mostly likely to need for your specific car, 4×4, or motorcycle so you’re not carrying things you’ll never use.

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Image DescriptionThe Kruk Garage Tool Roll has a YKK-zippered pocket on the left side designed to hold your sockets, fuses, spare wire, zip ties, and any other loose items.

As noted above each of these are made by hand by the team at Kruk Garage and they ship out of Kiev in Ukraine and you can choose between Black, Brown, and Cognac Brown colorways. When laid open the toll roll measures in at 30 x 50 cm or 11.8 x 19.7 inches, and 13 cm or 5.1 inches in diameter when full and rolled up with an MSRP of $186.40 USD at the time of writing.

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