The AXE 2 by Crave is a shirt specifically designed for motorcyclists who need options other than a jacket for urban riding, it’s fully lined with Kevlar©, its outer shell is made from a cotton/polyester/lycra blend, the innermost lining is 100% pure cotton and the elbows and back have pockets suitable for either foam or flexible D3O© body armour.

The man behind Crave is Bart Krzyzaniak, a friendly designer who’s passionate about both snowboarding and motorcycling – his goal with Crave is to create products that work for either application and so his product line currently includes The AXE Kevlar© Shirt and a series of jackets that can be worn on the ski slopes or in the saddle.

The AXE shirt has the potential to be exceedingly popular, those who live in warmer climates or climates with wildly varying temperatures who can’t physically wear leather jackets all year round are likely to jump at the chance to wear a shirt with full Kevlar© and armour protection. It has the added bonus of not making you look like a wannabe Hells Angel when you’re not on your bike.

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