The Ka-Bar Wrench Knife was developed as a tough, utilitarian knife perfectly suited to life in your toolbox or on your belt. Each knife is machined from a single piece of 425 high-carbon stainless steel and it has a blade hardness of 56-58.

The wrench-style handle is designed so the knife can be hung on the wall with your regular wrenches or tools and it comes with a hard black plastic cover to protect the blade and avoid accidents when it’s not in use. With a blade size of 3.0 inches and an overall length of 7.125 inches, the Ka-Bar Wrench Knife is a good size for many tasks in the engine bay and around the garage.

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The Ka-Bar Wrench Knife is made in the USA in the town of Olean, New York. Ka-Bar are best known for their combat knives which were first adopted by the United States Marine Corps during WWII (1942), this knife became known as the Fighting Utility and it was later adopted by the United States Navy as the U.S. Navy Utility Knife, Mark 2.

The company was originally called Union Cutlery Co., they famously changed their name based on a story contained in a letter received from a fur trapper who had used his Union Cutlery knife after his rifle jammed when he was being attacked by a bear. The letter was only partially legible but the letters “k a b ar” were readable, from the sentence “kill a bear”.

In 1923 Union Cutlery Co. officially adopted the name “Ka-Bar” from the trappers bear story as its trademark.

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