When Jenvey announced the new DCOE Heritage Throttle Body they were overwhelmed with interest from classic car owners from all four corners of the globe. Designed to look similar to the iconic Weber DCOE sidedraft carburettor, the Jenvey unit will look completely at home bolted to the side of any vintage or classic car engine.

The benefits of fuel injection over carburetion are well-known and often provide the single largest performance (and fuel economy) gain that one can hope for on antiquated motors – with the exception of forced induction. The Jenvey DCOE Heritage Throttle Body bolts directly to the same manifold as the original Weber unit, and each includes twin throttle bodies and twin injectors.

A few modifications are required for fitment, the most significant of which is an ECU, but Jenvey have designed the units to work with both Emerald and DTA units, and they say it’ll work with pretty much anything else. You’ll also need a high pressure (3 bar / 42 psi) fuel feed, however most capable home mechanics can install the high pressure system, ECU, and throttle bodies given enough time, Googling, and beer.

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Via Octane Magazine

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