The Herrlof Paracord Survival Kit Grenade is an all-in-one survival kit designed to be as compact as possible, making it ideal for use by motorcyclists as well as other motorists, hikers, and mountain bikers. The grenade weighs in at 7.4 ounces and measures 3.6″ x 4.4″, so it’ll fit easily into even the smallest of panniers, backpacks, or glove compartments.

The grenade itself is made from 50 ft of paracord, when you need to access the survival kit you unravel the paracord, which you can then use as needed. Inside the Herrlof Paracord Survival Kit Grenade you’ll find 45 items, including a pocket knife, a wire saw, a ferrocerium fire starter rod, a razor blade, fishing gear, a compass, a whistle, a signaling mirror, an LED light, a bottle and can opener, a needle and thread, and much more.

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Official Product Description

Herrlof, 45 Piece Best Paracord Survival Kit Grenade The Herrlof paracord grenade is an important part of any hiking, camping or EDC gear list.

This survival kit includes 45 pieces of useful survival gear that can be used in the event of an emergency or just to polish up your bushcraft skills.The survival grenade is a great conversation piece, so strap one to your rucksack, hit the trails and people will ask about it.

While not a toy, this emergency survival kit is also a great tool for teaching others bushcraft skills in a fun and interesting package. Toss a paracord survival grenade in your hiking rucksack, EDC bag or vehicle to ensure you are prepared for anything. When you unwrap the survival grenade, it cannot be reassembled.

Survival Grenade Contents Herrlof Paracord Survival Kit Grenade Herrlof Paracord Survival Kit Grenade

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