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The Harley-Davidson Sportster is a bike that’s been torn down and rebuilt into just about every conceivable genre of the custom motorcycle spectrum that I can think of, some of them are designed to look good, some are designed to go faster and some are designed to do both of these things. Like this one.

Flat tracker inspired Sportster customs are always popular choices for us here at Silodrome – they combine the heritage of the Harley-Davidson badge with some uprated suspension components and a few engine tweaks to give you a bike that handles just well enough to allow you to have a bit more fun than is perhaps possible on the stock model.

Harley-Davidson Sportster 1

This bike started life as a 1991 model before it was acquired by the team at Deus Ex Machina in Sydney, they kept the stock fuel tank in place and replaced the seat with a flat-track inspired unit. The OEM exhaust was tossed and a set of matching bazooka pipes were added, wider handlebars and a larger sprocket were also bolted on.

Although this bike has already been sold by Deus, they do have a number of other interesting and similar bikes in stock out of their Australian, Balinese and US based stores.

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