Naked Café by DP Customs

DP Customs is a US based hot rod and motorcycle garage operated by the Del Prado brothers (hence the “DP” moniker), they produce some truly unique customs like the Super Sano Beach Cruiser and the Gulf Bobber, both of which you’ve probably encountered in your web travels.

This bike, the Naked Café, is based on a 1980 Harley Ironhead with a 1000cc V-Twin and a reworked Quantum-port symmetrical exhaust. The frame has been reworked, suspension tweaked, the tank and rear body work is all hand fabricated and the wiring harness has been replaced and sorted.

I never really understood the pervasive anti-Harley sentiment that seems to exist within certain sub-sectors of the motorcycle community. It’s great to see DP Customs taking an old Harley and showing the world what it can be, if you’ve got the imagination, the skill and the balls to have a go.

Published by Ben Branch -