This is the new GoRuck GR1 XPAC backpack, it follows the same design and form factor as the original GoRuck GR1 however it’s now been updated with lightweight X-Pac VX21 fabric construction that results in a 30% weight reduction.

The design of the GR1 was inspired by the medic packs used in the US armed forces. The front of the bag can be zipped fully open for easy access to items throughout the bag – rather than having to dig around in the depths of the bag by touch from an opening at the top.

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Image DescriptionThe GoRuck GR1 XPAC uses the same design as the original, but’s it’s made from X-Pac® fabric which makes it 30% lighter and highly water-resistant.

GoRuck is an American outdoor gear and clothing company, best known for its rugged rucksacks and endurance events. The company was founded in 2008 by Jason McCarthy, a former Green Beret, and his friend Jack Barley. The origins of GoRuck can be traced back to McCarthy’s experiences in the US Army Special Forces, which inspired him to create durable gear that could withstand the demands of both military life and outdoor adventures.

After leaving the military, McCarthy teamed up with Barley, a fellow adventure enthusiast, to develop the first GoRuck rucksack, the GR1. They wanted to create a backpack that was tough and functional but also suitable for everyday use. The duo sourced materials from the US, including military-grade fabric and hardware, to ensure their products met the highest standards of quality and to be sure they weren’t relying on unreliable overseas supply chains.

The company expanded its product line to include additional backpack models, apparel, and accessories designed with the same ethos of durability and functionality. In addition to its products, GoRuck is known for organizing endurance events called GoRuck Challenges, which are inspired by military training and designed to test participants’ physical and mental limits. These events have garnered a loyal following and helped to grow the company’s community of passionate fans.

The new GoRuck GR1 XPAC backpack has the same open-flat design as its forebear and it has a removable, hard plastic frame sheet that allows you to carry more weight evenly. It has a padded laptop compartment that can hold notebooks up to 15″, and it has extra padding in the bottom for those times your bag might get dropped.

Inside the bag you’ll find an internal pocket layout to make organization simple, there are also three rows of external and internal MOLLE webbing for clipping on additional items when needed. The bag offers good rain snow resistance thanks to its YKK AquaGuard zippers and X-Pac VX21 fabric construction, and it uses glove-friendly 550 paracord zipper pulls.

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Image DescriptionThe design of the GR1 was inspired by military medic packs, which zip completely open giving you instant access to all of the contents.

Interestingly each GoRuck GR1 is rated to carry 400 lbs, vastly more than it’ll ever realistically be tasked with, each bag is made in the USA, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The GoRuck GR1 XPAC backpack comes in three sizes – 21L, 26L, and 40L, and there are two colorways on offers – Black/Green, and Navy/Coyote.

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