This episode from XCar focusses on the Frontline Developments Abingdon Edition MGB, a comprehensively rebuilt MGB offering modern levels of performance and reliability, in a beautiful and quintessentially British roadster package.

The MGB is a sports car that deserves to be held in higher regard than it typically is, it was first offered for sale in 1963 with an advanced unibody monocoque body, a bulletproof four cylinder 1.8 litre engine, and excellent handling by the standards of the era. MG raced them in the Sebring 12 Hours, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, even in the Monte Carlo Rally.

The affordable, humble roadster developed a reputation for being a working class sports car, a blue collar favourite that would eventually sell almost 500,00 units worldwide with most going to the USA.

Frontline Developments Abingdon Edition MGB 2

In the modern age the MGB in both roadster and coupe formats has developed a reputation for being inexpensive, and as a result it’s not as well respected as its peers. I think this is a significant oversight, and any MGB owner will talk your ear off about the fun that can be had behind the wheel of one of these remarkable cars – and how cheap they are to maintain.

MG offered the basic B design with a four cylinder engine initially, it was also offered with a six cylinder in the MGC, and an all-alloy V8 in the MGB GT V8. This V8 version of the MGB is my personal favourite because of the power and sound it offers, but the modern Frontline Developments MGB offers both of these things in a more modern and fuel efficient package.

This XCar episode from the team behind MotorPunk hosted by Darryl Sleath and Rich Duisberg, gives a great look into the Frontline Developments factory in England, and they take you on a ride in one of the company’s modern MGBs.

If you’d like to read more about the history of the MGB Roadster you can click here.

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