This is the Estwing Camper’s Axe, each one is made in the USA from a single piece of forged American steel to ensure that it’s essentially impossible to break the handle or lose the axe head.

Estwing was founded in the northern Illinois city of Rockford back in 1923, they are best known for their lines of striking and struck tools which are frequently used by professionals in the construction industry.

The Camper’s Axe shown here uses Estwing’s patented Shock Reduction Grip® for comfortable use with minimal vibrations and shocks. The axehead is designed for chopping firewood, both at home or out in the wilderness at your campsite.

Estwing Camper's Axe Sheath

Image DescriptionEach axe comes with a nylon sheath to keep the blade safely tucked away in transport, to protect against accidental cuts and scrapes.

The rear section of the axehead is a flat steel mallet designed for hammering in things like tent pegs, and it has a tent peg puller built into the forward part of the head. Each hand-sharpened blade holds a razor edge, and each axe is powder coated and given a hand-polished finish.

Axes have been around for countless thousands of years, many believe that basic hand axes were the very first tools ever fashioned by the hands of man, and the simple axehead-and-handle combination has been in use for countless thousands of years.

Of course now we typically make the axeheads from steel rather than flint, but the basic concept is fundamentally identical.

Each of these axes has a 4″ / 102 mm cutting edge with a 18.75″ / 476.25 mm total length, making them idea for packing away for trips into the outdoors.

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Estwing Camper's Axe Handle

Image DescriptionThe handle of the axe uses Estwing’s patented Shock Reduction Grip®, designed to significantly reduce the severity of the shocks and vibrations reaching your hand.

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