This is the DecoPod, it’s a new creation from Dean Jackson, a master craftsman who came up with both the AeroPod and the AstroPod.

Dean developed the DecoPod to provide an option for people who want a dedicated space for storing things like prized whiskies, watches, jewelry, 10mm sockets or other rare valuables without having to add more floor-based furniture to a room.

The DecoPod was designed to evoke the art deco styling of automobile fenders from the 1930s, the central circle in this instance is a door that lowers to become a flat table when you click the top in with your finger.


Dean explains that the DecoPod is fully customizable, allowing you to alter the interior design to suit your specific requirements. The exterior is finished in highly polished automotive paint and the interior can be finished using the decorative laminate of your choice – you can also specify the inclusion of a shelf, sound system, mirror, or more.

DecoPods measure in at 40” long (101.6 cm), 20” high (50.8 cm) and 5 ½” deep (13.97 cm). The required mounting hardware is included with each order as well as instructions and a handy paper template you can use to find the perfect location on the wall for it.

As each of these is made by hand to order in Canada by Dean, the pricing starts at around $2,500 USD, if you’d like to enquire about getting your own made you can click the red button below to visit his website.

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