This is a brand new Triumph Speed Twin that’s been given the custom treatment by Adam and the team over at Untitled Motorcyles in London, England.

The project to build this Triumph happened during one of London’s lockdowns and it proved to be a major feat of logistics to get all the parts, work, and fabrication done without breaking the rules and putting people at risk.

This bike is one of those rare custom builds that went right from the showroom floor into the workshop without even being ridden by its owner first, due to the Covid-19 restrictions that were in place at the time.

Fast Facts

✱ The Triumph Speed Twin was introduced in 2019, it’s essentially a more comfortable version of the Thruxton with an upright riding position, but it has the same engine and transmission.

✱ The “Modern Classic” line of motorcycles from Triumph has helped the motorcycle industry, offering classic looking motorcycles that are reliable and easy to ride.

✱ The “Speed Twin” name is a direct reference to the original Speed Twin 5T of 1938 designed by Edward Turner, a motorcycle that popularized the parallel twin engine in Britain and around the world.

Triumph Speed Twin by Untitled Motorcycles

Untitled Motorcycles is a staple of the global custom scene, they’ve been around far longer than most and they’ve helped shape the custom motorcycle landscape to the level it’s at today.

Custom Triumph Speed Twin 17

Above Image: This Speed Twin now has considerably improved front and rear suspension, as well as braking, and it’s all adjustable to suit the rider.

The Untitled Motorcyles operation in London is based in an unassuming workshop that you could walk past without realizing – that is unless you happened to notice the dozen or so custom bikes parked out front and friendly company owner Adam Kay inside working on his latest project.

This Triumph is likely one of many custom motorcycles that came about because of the pandemic. Many people have been stuck at home for weeks or even months on end and as a result of this the custom motorcycle community has experienced a renaissance of sorts.

The project to build this bike began when a London bar and restaurant owner named Marc found himself scouring the pages of Bike EXIF, Pipeburn, Silodrome, and The Bike Shed during one of London’s lockdowns. He came across the work of Untitled Motorcycles and he reached out to Adam to start the process of getting a bike built.

Marc wanted a British bike that would be perfect for sunny summer afternoon jaunts down the many B roads in the English countryside. He settled on the new Triumph Speed Twin as the starting point for the build and Adam worked with artist Ian Galvin on a number of design sketches until the design was perfect.

Adam is well-known for understated builds that include a vast array of improvements to ensure that his customs ride better than the bike they started out as. For the build he swapped out the original front suspension with a set of anodized gold inverted forks from the Triumph Thruxton R that had been modified by the team at Maxton Engineering.

The top and bottom yokes were replaced with a new set that were designed and CNC machined by the team at Fastec Racing and the bike now has vastly improved braking thanks to the twin four pot Brembo brakes up front with floating rotors.

Custom Triumph Speed Twin 10

Above Image: A rear frame loop was added with an integrated LED light that acts as the brake light, indicators, and night running lights.

A pair a fully adjustable Ohlins shock absorbers were fitted in the rear, giving the bike noticeably better handling than the standard Triumph Speed Twin – a bike that already handles well right out of the box.

It took Adam a couple of days to work up the courage to cut into the rear subframe to add a traditional frame loop, he explained that it’s always a little nerve wracking to start chopping up a brand new motorcycles, but the new rear loop with its integrated LED lighting looks far neater than the original thanks to the work of Leather Girl Hiroko.

A new seat pan was then fabricated to match and sent off to Glenn Moger to be upholstered in brown leather. The fuel tank, side panels, and headlight bucket were all painted white and gold as per Marc’s wishes by Image Design Custom, with the wheels powdercoated white to match and the swing arm changed from silver to black.

The Speed Twin has an exhaust designed to look traditional while still passing the latest noise and emissions requirements. While it looks like a set of straight pipes it actually feeds into a silencer/catalytic converter mounted under the engine. Adam removed the original secondary silencers and added drag pipes with slash cut tips to improve its look, sound, and performance.

The completed bike is now with its new owner and it’s a common sight on the streets of London, Adam is already hard at work on his next build and we’ll bring it to you just as soon as he’s ready to roll it out into the English sunshine.

If you’d like to talk to Adam about getting your own custom built you can click here to visit the Untitled Motorcycles website.

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