Pimp My Bell is a new custom motorcycle helmet show dedicated to raising money for the IRME Association, an institute dedicated to researching spinal cord related injuries. Each of the helmets is a one-off design by some of the biggest names in the custom motorcycle space and they’re each being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

If you’d like to see more or bid on a helmet you can click here.

Custom-Bell-Helmet-1 Custom-Bell-Helmet-2 Custom-Bell-Helmet-3 Custom-Bell-Helmet-4 Custom-Bell-Helmet-5 Custom-Bell-Helmet-6 Custom-Bell-Helmet-7 Custom-Bell-Helmet-8 Custom-Bell-Helmet-9 Custom-Bell-Helmet-10 Custom-Bell-Helmet-11 Custom-Bell-Helmet-13 Custom-Bell-Helmet-14

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