The Connect Tree Tent is the latest offering from Tentsile, the original tree tent company. We’ve featured their previous creations and they’ve always been very popular – this new design is an evolution of their first tree tent, it’s designed to be useable on its own for two people or interlinked with 3 or more other Connect Tree Tents to form a small village in the treetops.

All Tentsile tents can be set up on the ground or suspended in the trees – offering plenty of versatility and the assurance that you’ll have a roof over your head even if there are no trees for a hundred miles. When set up in the trees, the floor of the tent acts as a hammock, offering a comfortable nights sleep without needing an additional camping mattress.

Grab yours here for $599 USD.

Connect Tree Tent 7_Fotor Connect Tree Tent 2 Connect Tree Tent 6_Fotor Connect Tree Tent 5_Fotor Connect Tree Tent 3 Connect Tree Tent 4

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