This is the Combar Pro Titanium, it’s a multi-tool designed to combine many of the most important tools for camping and outdoor work into a single object that can be easily carried and switched between its different functions quickly in the field.

Development of the Combar began back in 2014 when the two company founders, both veterans of the Israeli Special Forces with over 20 years of experience, set out to create a tool that they had often needed when deployed.

They worked through over 100 prototypes before settling on their final design, they then launched in on KickStarter in 2014 and raised $250,000 USD of funds in pre-sales. All of the first generation Combar tools were shipped to customers in 2019, and remarkably there wasn’t a single product returned.

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Image DescriptionThe Combar Pro was the winner of the 2019 Red Dot prize, an award given our annually to innovative new products.

After the successful launch they went back to the drawing board and further refined the design, getting it ready for mass-production. Once the new model was ready they began to get orders from military units, law enforcement agencies, and search and rescue teams from around the world who have now evaluated the tool and integrated into their respective units.

The Combar Pro Titanium consists of five major tools: a hatchet, a knife, a hammer, a saw, and a spade. It’s ideally suited for camping and other outdoor uses and it can replace all of the above individual tools – saving a significant amount of weight in the process.

The hatchet head folds out and securely snaps into position when needed, it can then be folded back down when not in use to keep the blade out of the way. The axe head measures in at 5″ x 2.5″ and is ideally suited to cutting off branches, splitting wood, and preparing your campfire.

On the back of the head is a hammer, useful for embedding tent pegs deep into the ground. From the head running down the back of the handle is a narrow-width spade that can be folded up and clicked into position when needed. It’s well-suited to digging into hard or stony ground, and it clicks back into the lowered position to keep it out of the way when you no longer need it.

The other two main tools live inside the glass-reinforced polymer handle. After opening the bottom you can slide out both the full-sized knife and the folding saw. The knife has a 420HC hardened stainless steel blade with a drop point, a glass-reinforced polymer handle, and a blade length of 4.53″.

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Image DescriptionThe hatchet head and many of the other tools can be locked into position for safety.

The folding saw has a 10 inch 5 TPI high-carbon steel blade designed for cutting thicker branches and logs, it folds out and clicks into position for safety, and when it needs replacement its unique fastening mechanism allows you to easily switch to any blade from your local hardware store.

The Combar Pro Titanium is now available directly from the company that makes it, Aclim8, with an MSRP of $599 USD and an International Life Time warranty which covers the repair of your product in the event of a manufacturing defect in either materials or workmanship.

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