The Gentleman’s Bar Collection

Bar Collection 450x330 - The Gentleman's Bar Collection

This is our collection of slightly unusual items that you probably don’t currently have in your home bar, but that you should probably consider. Especially the sabre. Champagne Sabre The Champagne Sabre was clearly invented by a drunk person who had a sabre in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other. For…

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Monteluz Pisco

Pisco Drink 450x330 - Monteluz Pisco

I came across Pisco last month for the first time and it seems like one of those things that everyone other than me already seems to know about. For those of you who also like to drink unusual things and haven’t come across Pisco previously I’ve included a brief history of the spirit below with…

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Bummer & Lazarus Gin by Raff Distillerie

Gin 450x330 - Bummer & Lazarus Gin by Raff Distillerie

The Raff Distillerie is a fantastic little liquor factory on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, it’s unique in the burgeoning world of micro distilleries in that all of the stills were hand built by the same guy who makes the spirits – a quietly talented Master Distiller and 5th generation San Franciscan by the name…

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Kentucky Bourbon Poster

Kentucky Bourbon Poster1 - Kentucky Bourbon Poster

This Kentucky state map has been drawn using the lyrics from the Murder by Death song “Kentucky Bourbon”, if you’re a fan of the amber nectar and need a new poster for your drinking room, this might be just what you’ve been looking for.

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Half Moon Orchard Gin

Half Moon Orchard Gin 450x330 - Half Moon Orchard Gin

Half Moon Orchard Gin is a recent creation from the distillers over at Tuthilltown Spirits, it’s an interesting spirit with a base of¬†near neutral spirit from both wheat and Hudson Valley apples.

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Brooklyn Gin

tumblr ldhv0tRf4m1qfzkyuo1 1280 450x330 - Brooklyn Gin

Gin is a phenomenal spirit, I far prefer it to vodka or rum an the fact that it’s a great to drink with tonic and fresh lime on hot summer afternoons puts it ahead of Scotch at this time of year. Brooklyn Gin is a relatively…

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