The Raff Distillerie is a fantastic little liquor factory on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, it’s unique in the burgeoning world of micro distilleries in that all of the stills were hand built by the same guy who makes the spirits – a quietly talented Master Distiller and 5th generation San Franciscan by the name of Carter Raff.

Carter’s Bummer & Lazarus Gin starts life as an artisanal brandy made from Californian grapes, it’s then distilled again with juniper berries, angelica root, lemon peel, coriander seed, cinnamon bark, orris root, bitter orange peel and liquorice root. It’s a finely balanced gin with hints of citrus and juniper, it’s 92 proof and can be ordered here via Caskers.

Visit Raff Distillerie here.

Published by Ben Branch -