Death Machines Of London Bolt Sweater

Death Machines Of London Bolt Sweater Main 450x330 - Death Machines Of London Bolt Sweater

Death Machines Of London is possibly the single greatest name for a London-based custom motorcycle garage that will ever exist, and fortunately they don’t just make bikes. This 330g/m² brushed fabric sweater (or jumper depending on which side of the Atlantic you call home) is made from a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It has raglan…

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Lions Den Motorcycles Billet Aluminium Handlebar Switches

Lions Den Motorcycles Billet Aluminium Handle Bar Switches Two Button 450x330 - Lions Den Motorcycles Billet Aluminium Handlebar Switches

These billet aluminum handlebar switches by Lions Den Motorcycles are individually CNC machined in England, they come in either two or three button layouts, and you can choose between black or stainless steel buttons. Lions Den Motorcycles is a British custom motorcycle garage run by Daniel Thomas – a former professional musician who travelled the…

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Timbuk2 Clark Pack

Timbuk2 Clark Pack 450x330 - Timbuk2 Clark Pack

The Timbuk2 Clark Pack was designed specifically for those who spend time out exposed to the elements on the road – primarily motorcyclists and cyclists. It has a tough Cordura nylon outer shell and a large woven mesh reflective panel to significantly boost visibility when on the road at night. The team at Timbuk2 made…

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Readyman Wilderness Survival Card 2.0

Readyman Wilderness Survival Card 450x330 - Readyman Wilderness Survival Card 2.0

The Readyman Wilderness Survival Card 2.0 is the second edition of the credit card sized stainless steel tool kit that’s designed to slip into your wallet, glovebox, pannier, or backpack – just in case you need it. If required, the card can be removed from your wallet and disassembled. Once you’ve finished, you’ll find you have…

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Saint Unbreakable Denim Fur Motorcycle Jacket

Saint Unbreakable Denim Fur Motorcycle Jacket 450x330 - Saint Unbreakable Denim Fur Motorcycle Jacket

The Unbreakable line by Saint has attracted a huge amount of attention in the motorcycle industry since its release. The fabric is a proprietary design that combines UHWMPE Dyneema® and cotton for breathability combined with exceptional abrasion and puncture resistance. If you’re wondering what UHWMPE is, you’re not alone. It’s an acronym for “ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene”, in layman’s…

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Recycled American Coin Guitar Picks

Repurposed American Coin Guitar Picks 450x330 - Recycled American Coin Guitar Picks

These coin guitar picks are made by Stephanie and Dustin Headrick at their workshop in Nashville. Stringed instrument musicians have been using metal and coin-based picks for over 100 years due to the unusual sound they produce – often described as bright, sharp, or tinny. Stephanie and Dustin realized that silver quarters, half-dollars, and quarters…

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Spidi Metropole Motorcycle Jacket

Spidi Metropole Motorcycle Jacket 450x330 - Spidi Metropole Motorcycle Jacket

The Spidi Metropole is a new motorcycle jacket from the Italian company designed specifically for winter and cool weather riding. It has both Thermore® EVOdown insulation to keep you warm, and an H2Out membrane to keep you dry. For safety, the outer shell is made from a high tenacity polyamide tenax fabric for abrasion resistance,…

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Sakura Motorcycle Gloves by 78 Motor Co.

Sakura Motorcycle Gloves by 78 Motor Co. 450x330 - Sakura Motorcycle Gloves by 78 Motor Co.

Each pair of Sakura Motorcycle Gloves is made from the finest Scandinavian aniline calf hides, chosen for their natural top grain, and each receive a 3-stage dye process for a deep, striking color. The team at the 78 Motor Co. take 6 hours to produce each pair of gloves. They feature a ribbed back, a…

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Stylemartin Wave Motorcycle Boots

Stylemartin Wave Motorcycle Boot 450x330 - Stylemartin Wave Motorcycle Boots

Stylmartin is an Italian company known for producing some of the best motorcycle boots in the world, usually with a distinctively retro flair. The company is based 50 kilometers from Venice in the town of Montebelluna, in the foothills of the Italian Alps. The boots made by Stylmartin are designed to look a lot like…

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The Goods Hit Wallet

The Goods Hit Wallet 450x330 - The Goods Hit Wallet

Minimalist wallets are becoming more and more popular, largely because they’re a significant improvement over the George Costanza wallets many of us end up with after a few years of not throwing away receipts for our doughnuts. If all you really need to carry on you is a few cards and some spending cash, a…

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Hockliffe Armored Motorcycle Overshirt

Hockliffe Armoured Motorcycle Overshirt 450x330 - Hockliffe Armored Motorcycle Overshirt

The Hockliffe Overshirt by Ashley Watson is has removable CE approved D30 armor in the elbows and shoulders, with Dyneema® reinforcement in the arms – specifically to protect motorcyclists. D30 armor is soft to the touch, but it hardens on impact, making it very popular with snowboarders, skiers, motorcyclists, and others who need to be prepared…

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