Aircraft Bolt Cufflinks by Plane Industries

Aircraft Bolt Cufflinks Hero

These aircraft bolt cufflinks are machined from bolts sourced from commercial passenger jets by the team at Plane, a small company run by two brothers in the United Kingdom who specialize in building an entirely unique line of products from repurposed aircraft parts. This limited edition series of cufflinks are made from flight-used aircraft bolts,…

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The Bolt Action Pen L by Inventery – An Affordable Heirloom Quality Pen

Bolt Action Pen L

The Bolt Action Pen L by the team at Inventery was developed to be a long-lasting heirloom quality pen that can be handed down through multiple generations. Most pens, even those from high-end manufacturers, have plastic internal mechanisms prone to breaking and weakening with age. The Bolt Action Pen is precision machined from raw brass stock using…

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Pando Moto Karl Steel Black Dyneema® Motorcycle Jeans – 15 Times Stronger Than Steel

The new Karl Steel Black motorcycle jeans are a recent offering from the European motorcycle gear maker that feature a primary chassis made from single-layer stretch 13 oz 25% Dyneema® that’s 15 times stronger than steel, offering 180º protection. Inside you’ll find removable KNOX® Micro Lock CE approved (EN1621-1:2012) knee armor that fits into pockets…

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A Scratch-Built 40% Scale Model of a Ducati Square Case Engine

Ducati Square Case engine 3

This Ducati square case model engine is exact down to the smallest detail, it’s not made from a commercially available kit, each of the over 200 components was cast from patterns drawn from the original factory parts from a full scale engine. The model features stainless steel fixings throughout to add to the realism, and…

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The Douchebags™ Backpack – A 20 L Daily Carry Bag

Douchebags™ Backpack

Though it’s somewhat comically named, the Douchebags™ Backpack is actually a very well engineered backpack designed by Swedish freeski icon Jon Olsson and Norwegian product designer Truls Brataas. They founded Douchebags™ back in 2012 with the goal of developing genuinely 21st century-ready bags for people with busy, highly-mobile lives. Their bags have won several international…

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Kytone Potcho 3-In-1 – A Simple Shelter, Camp Bed, or Poncho

Kytone Potcho Shelter

The Kytone Potcho is designed to perform three essential functions, it can be worn as a waterproof poncho, laid down as a camp bed, or you can attach one side to your car or motorcycle and use it as a simple shelter. Although you’d probably want a more substantial motorcycle tent for any serious overlanding,…

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The Veldt Helmet Collection by Chanel + Pharrell Williams


This collection of Veldt helmets was customised at the direction of Chanel and Pharrell Williams as part of the American singer’s new Chanel collection. Veldt was likely an easy choice as the Isle of Man based company already offers comprehensive customization options on their helmets, allowing customers to send in art for their shells, they…

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