This Boeing 747 wheel and tire coffee table by Plane Industries is one of the British firm’s newer offerings, it’s a genuine Boeing 747 wheel and tire that’s been repurposed for use in your living room, office, or perhaps your Bond villain’s lair.

The wheels and tires used on aircraft have very strict lifecycles and must be replaced after a certain number of take offs and landings. Rather than tossing them into the corner of an aircraft graveyard the team at Plane Industries spend over 100 hours on each one, first they’re chemically stripped before being painstakingly polished to a mirror finish.

The original rubber tire is then carefully wrapped in high-quality red leather, and a circular piece of 40 inch toughened, polished glass sits on top. Each Boeing 747-400 is fitted with 16 wheels and tires, with each tire measuring in at 49 inches in diameter and 19 inches wide with a speed rating of 235 mph.

Boeing 747 Wheel + Tire Coffee Table by Plane Industries 2

Boeing 747, commonly referred to as the “Jumbo Jet”, is one of the most famous passenger aircraft in history – if not the most famous outright. When it was first released in 1969 it represented the future of air travel and its distinctive raised forward passenger deck and cockpit. Over 1,500 of them have now been built and the model remains in production to this day, albeit in significantly updated form.

Plane Industries was founded by two British brothers, they started out scouring aircraft boneyards for interesting parts that they would turn into high-end furniture. Over the years they’ve sold their creations to a vast array of people and companies including Red Bull, General Electric, Ryanair, and many others.

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Boeing 747 Wheel + Tire Coffee Table by Plane Industries Rim

Boeing 747 Wheel + Tire Coffee Table by Plane Industries 3

Boeing 747 Wheel + Tire Coffee Table by Plane Industries 1

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