This collection of glasses by Whiskey Peaks features four of the most famous mountains in the world: Mt Everest, Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Fuji, and the Matterhorn.

Each of these glasses is hand-blown from lead-free glass, allowing them to be thinner than normal glassware but no less durable. During the blowing process the glasses are each pressed onto a highly detailed sculpture of one of the mountains to create the permanent 3D topographic impression of the mountain in the base of the glass.

Whiskey Peaks Glasses Box

The lightweight, lead-free glass is ideal for drinking whiskey and other spirits and the mountains in the base are a great conversation starter. The full set costs $65, not a bad deal in the world of whiskey glassware, and each set is unique due to the slight differences that are inherent in any hand-blown glass.

Whiskey Peaks do a series of different glasses featuring a range of different mountains including a set dedicated to American mountains, as well as the Grand Canyon. Each glass has a capacity of 10 ounces and they measure in at 3 5/8” high and 3” diameter, this set of four comes in a box that makes them ideal as either a gift or an addition to your own whiskey shelf.

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