Turbo: Made To Measure is a film covering the development of the turbocharged Ford TEC V6 engine that was used in the mid-80s Haas Lola Formula 1 car. It’s an interesting look into the development of the engine that starts with the catastrophic failure of the originally intended 4-cylinder turbo and subsequent post-mortem.

It’s hard to imagine a modern Formula 1 team allowing this level of access to the deepest reaches of their engineering department, which is a shame really as it makes fascinating viewing. With the new generation of turbo-charged engines being used in F1 looking like they’re not going to go anywhere anytime soon it’s good to be able to look back to the first generation of engines – a period considered by many to be one of the golden ages of the sport with cars capable of 1400hp in qualifying trim.

Click here to see parts 2, 3, and 4.

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